The verification of your construction materials is essential for compliance to the project’s specifications, international standards, and also to ensure the safety and success of the structure being built.
IBCS is your trusted partner for all types of projects to provide you the assurance you need for accurate and reliable test results.
Our testing services ranges from field and lab tests to specialized tests including:

  • Asphalt batch plant and pavement construction inspection.
  • Complete laboratory testing of soil, aggregates, masonry, asphalt and other construction materials.
  • Concrete batch plant inspection.
  • Concrete strength testing, concrete mix designs, and in-place strength investigations.
  • Concrete physical and chemical testing.
  • Waterproofing membranes testing.
  • Fireproofing testing.
  • Concrete placement and concrete curing.
  • Cementitious material physical and chemical testing.
  • Non-destructive examination (NDE).
  • Soil compaction testing and inspection.
  • Steel and welding testing.