IBCS provides comprehensive services through a team that has more than 25 years of experience in the concrete field and works closely with engineers and consultants to assist and offer customers economical solutions while achieving the highest level of quality control.

Concrete Plant Quality Control & Operation Consultancy

  • Raw materials pre-evaluation.
  • Raw material quality acceptance.
  • Concrete batching plant & equipment’s quality assurance.
  • Fresh concrete quality control.
  • Results evaluation & documentation.
  • Following up on casted concrete problems.

Concrete Mix Design Services

  • High early strength.
  • Mass concrete – temperature control.
  • Concrete for marine environments.
  • Self-Compacting Concrete.
  • Pumpable and workable high performance concrete.
  • Controlled Low Strength Mixes.
  • Use of appropriate cementitious systems and micro fine materials for cost and performance.

Advanced Concrete Services.

  • Concrete performance specifications.
  • Concrete placement strategy.
  • Investigation of concrete defects and remedial measure recommendation.
  • Concrete troubleshooting during execution.
  • Advanced project related studies.

Special Concrete Design.

  • Translucent Concrete.
  • Pervious Concrete.
  • Light weight Concrete.
  • Colored & White Concrete.
  • High density Concrete.